The VKE library on the subject of "playing"

The specialistich library VKE "play"

A unique collection: it offers more than 2500 volumes for people to borrow.
You can also reserve books online on [email protected], but you must pick up and return the books in person at VKE Bolzano, Schlachthofstraße 9/A, 39100 Bolzano.

Instructions for users

In the following section, we would like to give you some simple instructions for the online use of the VKE library on the subject of "playing". If you click on VKE library "playing", a window will appear where you can search for books. The search can be made according to the author/editor or the title or subject or publishing house or instructions. If you click on the search mode, a field will appear where you can enter a search word to start a search. If the given word in an effective existing content in an appropriate field of the library, you will get a list of the books where the matching word appeared. Now, if you click on a book, immediately the whole register map of the card appears. If you want to do a search for a special area, then we advise you to read the enclosed PDF file. Here you can find all the areas according to which the books have been cathegorised. But please pay attention to the fact that the books are registered either in German or in Italian. If a book appears in one of these languages, that means that in the library, books in this language for this area are available - not all areas have necessarily been translated). Especially interesting could be the search for instructions: try it out with the search word "wind wheel"! We wish you a successful search! Attention: here you will get results in both German and Italian, because here we have translated all the definitions, because the instructions are mostly accompanied by pictures, which are easy to understand.