1. Collaborators

At VKE we have 19 full time workers at the moment ( november 2019).
You can find their personal descriptions if you click on their respective areas in the heading above.

Under "Volunteer Committe", you can also find the names of the volunteers who were selected by the national committee at the general assembly; the presidents of all the VKE sections also belong to the national committee and their names can be found under the respective sections.

Central Office - Directorate, management, secretariat

Roberto Pompermaier
Steffi Rottensteiner
Miriam Rubino
Silvia Innerebner

VKE-play bus

Christian Esposito
Michele Niessen
Mirko Frego
Walter Bassani
Winnie Haase

VKE PlayHouse 1 Bolzano - family area

Elena Pugno
Mariagrazia Stanzione

VKE PlayHouse 1 Bolzano  - youth center

Abdelouahed El Abchi
Sara Romanin

Pedagocical support PlayHouse Bolzano 1 + 2

Laura Sedda

VKE PlayHouse 2 Bolzano

Jasmin Laureti
Sonia Martino

VKE PlayHouse Bressanone

Renate Fissneider Benetti

VKE PlayHouse Merano

Erna Ladurner