Playing dreams - playing areas

A project of the VKE section Bolzano

Since 2003, VKE section Bolzano has distinguished children friendly environments around Bolzano's residential blocks. The action group "Playing dreams - playing areas", which, as a representative, sits togther with various other associations, set itself the goal of calling the residents' attention to the needs of children. A further goal would be to make the different generations come closer together.

The freedom of one ends where the freedom of the other begins. The important is the respectful living together and the acceptance of the importance of the children's opportunity for playing. In a world where children must adapt to the rythm of adults sooner and sooner, it is important to acknowledge that children need a protected environment where they can play. Playing is the job of children. While playing, they develop skills for their future life. It is not necessary that a lot of equipment is provided for them, exactly the opposite: the really useful playing time is the one where they can play openly and spontaneously. For this, in theory, it would be enough to provide children with space where they can satisfy their needs for movement, communication and sensorimonitory stimulation. The most important playing equipment is sand, water, ropes, boxes, natural materials and consumable materials.

Adults often tend to think that playing is a useless waste of time. On the contrary: it is a personality forming activity, which tells us about one's personlity from inside and outside. As children are exploring the world, they develop an interest in and experience joy from everything around them. For these exploration journeys, they need people who accompany them and support them. Therefore, it is important to provide them with space nearby where playing is allowed. Those houses and flats in Bolzano can participate in the tender where playing is allowed and children are welcome. The deadline of submission is 15th May every year. 6 inner yards will be distinguished: they will recieve prices in the form of objects for the better furnishing of their playing areas (benches, tables, trees, etc.), which are donated by companies. The candidates can recieve free advising for the furnishing of the yard, which will be in line with the title: "Playing dreams - playing areas".